Home and Contents claims

How you can claim


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Property related claims

This includes claims for:

•    Damage to your House, Contents and/or Personal Property

•   Loss of your Contents and/or Personal Property

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Liability related claims

This includes:

•   Personal injury and/or property damage of another




The more information you can provide us with, the sooner we will be able to review and finalise your claim.

You will always need to provide the following details:

  • Insured name
  • Policy number
  • Your personal details
  • GST details (e.g. ABN)
  • The date of loss/incident and the loss address
  • A detailed description of the incident
  • Details of any other parties involved
  • A police report (if the claim is malicious damage or theft)
  • An estimate of the loss or damage

When you make a claim you may be required to provide proof of ownership and the value of the items you are claiming for.

This information helps us understand what items you had, and enables us to replace the item or work out the correct payment amount for you.

Some examples of proof of ownership include:

  • Sales receipts or accounts (originals or duplicates) showing the date, purchase price, a description of items purchased and place of purchase
  • Credit card statements or bank statements showing the transaction details
  • Owner’s manuals or instruction manuals providing the model and serial number/s of the lost or damaged property
  • Warranties noting the item and payment figure
  • Valuations
  • Photos clearly showing the items (e.g. photos of you wearing the jewellery you are claiming for).
  • Builder’s, electrician’s or other relevant tradesman reports detailing the loss or damage
  • Letter from the original supplier/purchaser on a verified letterhead
  • Australian Taxation Office submission, showing depreciation schedule of item
  • Statement from your accountant
  • Statutory Declaration (as a last resort).